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Freqently Asked Questions

Why write the book?
Many graduates joining the workforce have difficulty deciding independently.
They need a 'script' to execute tasks in many situations an experienced hand would find routine.

This book is a fun way to help these individuals develop basic problem solving skills - problem identification, analysis, decision making.
Puzzles and games make a drab subject fun.

What is the inspiration for the book?
For nine years I was responsible for recruitment,  selection, and training entry level professionals.

On their first job just out of college, recruits are enthusiastic.
But if not properly mentored and trained, they 'consume' time of senior staff.
Productivity goes down. The senior staff and trainees are demoralized.

A basic soft skills training that covers problem solving and independent thought is invaluable to running an efficient operation.

Is this yet another puzzle book?
This is a book on problem solving. Period.
Puzzles and games are merely tools to help you on your problem solving quest.
The books start out with problems little children solve. They must start simple! Be warned however, the analysis of each problem is deep.

A puzzle solver would rush to the 'answer'. The problem solving devotee will try the problem on their own, then understand the analysis the book explains. This will help them solve the next problem with insights from this one.

The problems in the books are a gradual progression in learning problem solving.
Skip a few problems, and you will get lost in the analysis.
To really benefit from the book, you must follow the Problem Solving Pathway!

Again, this is not a puzzle solving book. Were it so, the puzzles would cover less than 50 pages!

More about the book...
Proper analysis is 90+% of problem solving. Start on the wrong foot and you waste time correcting a half-baked solution. Get lucky and you may not have the optimal solution. Get lazy and you may not discover all possible solutions.

A series of books not for the faint-hearted, the casual reader, the 'learn in 24 hours' enthusiast.
If you are really serious about learning the art of problem solving, each problem will take you a few hours. Yes, even simple ones like a crossword. There is just so much analysis, so much to learn about these 'simple' puzzles, from the problem solving angle.

Check the sample pages.

How much will the books cost?
The book will be indipendantly published/self-published.

Economical cost, so anyone who needs it should be able to afford it.

Costs are being explored, these are tentative estimates:
Print-on-demand: Cost to the reader is around USD 10.
Offset printing: Cost to the reader is around USD 5.

Cost will include a modest profit + taxes I must pay on the profit.
Shipping costs will be extra. I live in India. Printing in a local country will make economical sense, and suggestions are welcome.

Who am I?
A graduate in Electronics and Information Management from Mumbai, India.
Worked in IT infrastructure and operations.
Spent the last nine years in the pre-publishing industry. We catered to large print books (for learning and vision challenged individuals) and typesetting mathematical books for offset printing.

The team led by me typeset all pages and illustrated all images, for these books of Prof. Gilbert Strang:
Computational Science and Engineering (ISBN 9780961408817)
Introduction to Linear Algebra,4th Edition (ISBN 9780980232714)
Introduction to Linear Algebra Solutions (ebook; available to teachers, by request only )
Calculus, Second edition (ISBN 9780980232745)
Essays in Linear Algebra (ISBN 9780980232769)
Differential Equations and Linear Algebra (ISBN 9780980232790)

My name features at the top of page ix (the fifth page) here:

Enough about me. Let the books speak for themselves.

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