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How You Can Help The Journey

What has been accomplished so far:
Typesetting, drawing all the figures of Books I and II.
Clearing copyright permissions to use puzzles in the books. Basic proofreading.
Final formatting and clean-up being done.

Specific areas the book needs help on:

Tell anyone who enjoys this type of book.

Advice: Anything I have not thought of or done...

Beta readers: Preferably puzzle, IQ book type experience.

Professional proofread: If beta readers recommend it.

ISBN: An Indian citizen who wants to launch the book in USA. I do not have an address in USA. How do I go about this?

Copyright protection: Better to copy protect in USA or India?

Should I Crowdfund: Budget consumed bringing the books to this level. What else will 'cost'?

Book cover design: The basic concept (with minor modifications) must stretch across the entire series.

ebook or offset or PoD: You must 'do', solve the puzzles and play the games, to learn problem solving. A printed book seems more practical. An ebook however, must be considered.
For printing, find costs, paper quality, shipping costs...
Cost-effective for the reader.

Hardbound versus paperback (perfect bind)...
A hardbound book will remain open as you read the instructions or understand the analysis, hints, tips, solutions, while using props like matchsticks and coins.

Book characteristics: Page size 6" x 9", 256 pages per book, B/w (some shades of gray), images at 300 dpi. Currently the output is PDF (ready to print).